Khokana Projects

The three classrooms at the Rudrayanee Secondary school are almost complete.

FullSizeRender (22)


Twenty-two computers have been fixed and now students can finally have their practical computer classes. However, with the power outages of almost 14 hours, students are still unable to practice on the computers.

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As part of the Khokana rebuilding project, we also built 3 toilets for seniors. After the earthquake they were forced to move into a temporary shelter with no toilets in close proximity. 


There is still an unsafe building standing inside the school premise, so our next project is demolishing this building and turning the area into a playground. 

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Khokana School Rebuilding

Phase 1 of Shree Rudrayanee Secondary School rebuilding has been completed, but there is still a lot of work to be done.


IMG_4415 Students in front of their new classroom!


The demolition of the old building is almost complete and the new bamboo classroom construction begins next week!

7b7a0d302f475091f40e009fc3b550c8The computer lab  where none of the computers work. Our next project is getting the computers fixed so the computer lab can be up and running for next year!


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Khokhana School construction

Primary school kids are still studying in buildings that have already been declared to be “unsafe”. Parents are worried to send them to school. One of the teachers approached us while we were building temporary shelters in the area. We are now working to build 5 room small bamboo class room for these delightful kids. We are so pleased to see them everyday during the building phase. We are happy that with all your support we can build safe class-rooms for these kids.

"red-sticker means not safe". Children still spend time in these buildings

“red-sticker means not safe”. Children still spend time in these buildings



Volunteers from Webster University came to help! Thank you

Volunteers from Webster University came to help! Thank you

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Rebuilding in Bungamati and Khokhana

Architecturally rich areas of Bugamati and Khokhana has seen a tremendous loss with about 1700 houses demolished in the area.We are working with the locals to rebuild. One can see many young local craftsmen making beautiful creations out of wood and stone in this part of the area.It is a great opportunity to work with such highly skilled artisans who are highly motivated. The young and old people of the area have taken the initiative to do most of the work. Locally driven effort has helped develop and strengthen relationship within the community and has created beautiful results. 20 houses are completed in Bungamati and 18 houses are being built now.

Khokhana has recently started building and we have already completed 12 houses .Altogether 70 houses will be built in the area of Bungamati and Khokhana.


Destruction on site



local wood craftsman


young artist


preparing earth plaster


house nearly finished


IMG_5891  a IMG_5985 IMG_6003 IMG_6007

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Rebuilding in Helambu

We were in Gyangyul, a village in Helambu, where all 42 houses have been completely destroyed. The community there is involved in organic farming and as the monsoon season nears, their next big challenge is finding a safe dry storage area for their potatoes. Upon the request of the community leaders we headed to Gyangyul and helped build 3 bamboo storage units. Even at such a difficult time where people are still going through the rubble to retrieve all their possessions, we had a strong turnout of community members both young and old. Without their support we would not have been able to finish the project before the monsoon.


    IMG_4386 IMG_4375 IMG_4366

IMG_5300 IMG_4374




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Helping rebuild Nepal

With the funds given to us by friends abroad and clients of The Explore Nepal Group, we have successfully built 60 houses in Gundu Village. A big shout to our amazing team of volunteers and community members who have worked  extremely hard in providing shelter to these people before the monsoon season. A super special thanks to Niraj for taking the initiative to help develop the project. Next stop is Helambu, where we will be building 3 storage units for grains and seeds.

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Soap Nut / Reetha


Soap nut a chemical free choice for cleaning and help secure local livelihood!

What is a soap-nut?

100% Natural cleaner that grows wild in the Himalayas. Traditionally it has been used in Nepal as a multipurpose cleaner. Soap nut comes from Soap nut tree (Sapindus mukorossi) an NTFP product that contains saponin. Soap nuts release an extremely effective, hypoallergenic, biodegradable cleaning agent with no added Screen shot 2014-12-12 at 4.11.23 AMsynthetics, toxins or artificial perfumes. Whether you are an allergy sufferer, have sensitive skin, use cloth diapers, or just want to do your part for a greener earth for using it as part of any cleaning purpose; Soap nut is the answer.

Soap Nut Shells for Laundry!

Put 6-8 shells or 2 tablespoon powder in the cloth-bag provided.washingmachine_1

Place inside the washing machine with the clothes


Suitable for both Front & top loading machines upto 90° C

Remove the bag from washer at the end of the wash to dry (leave soap nut shells in bag). Reuse the shells 3-5 times.

Laundry and more with soap nut powder!


Soapnut powder

  • Add 2 tablespoon of Soapnut powder to 1 litre warm water. Mix well to produce suds. Use this for mopping floors by adding essential oil of your choice.
  • Use as a detergent to wash clothes and diapers. 
  • Sprinkle and scrub with 2 tablespoon of powder in toilet or any metallic surfaces such as brass to get a sparkle!
  • Superb for Pets! Mix 2 tablespoon soap-nut powder with warm water. Massage this mix in the skin so the solution penetrates well. Leave it for some minutes and rinse.
  • Soak jewelleries in warm water with 1 tablespoon powder and use brush to remove debris. Rinse with clean water and polish with a cloth.

Available as powder and shells in Kheti-bazaar !  Make a choice for a chemical free living!

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